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Private Music Lessons in San Antonio, TX

We are an academy that provides private music lessons to students of all ages. Located on the northwest side of San Antonio we strive to help aspiring musicians find an outlet through music. Our goal is to ignite creativity, nurture talent, and encourage growth. Most of our 10+ instructors hold a masters degree but all of them have a bachelors degree related to music.* We are able to provide instruction for a variety of instruments (guitar, piano, drums and voice) and styles of music.

Our students vary in both experience and age. Experience levels range from beginner to advanced, and we have students between the ages of 2-65+. Students can expect weekly assignments that motivate, encourage and challenge their progress. Private lessons allow our instructors to tailor instruction towards the interests of each student and adjust for learning style and pace.

In addition to private lessons, our studio offers recitals, symphony field trips, an elite program (solo performance group), and ensemble classes. Recitals are optional (but highly encouraged) and offered throughout the year. Our elite program and ensemble classes are offered in addition to private lessons. Students must be nominated or recommended by their instructors to audition for these programs. Some elite and ensemble past performances include the Children's Museum, Fiesta Nueva, Kidcation, Mcnay Art Museum, Helotes Winterfest, Bandera Riverfest, Caroling on the River Walk, and multiple Spurs/Stars basketball games. These performances provide students with the opportunity to showcase their talent, build confidence, self-esteem and overcome stage-fright as well as provide real-world performance experience.

Overall we offer a broad spectrum of opportunities for everyone. We hope to pass on a passion and love of music to our students. It should come as no surprise that studies consistently show the impressive benefits music has on the human brain. One 2009 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience showed students who took music lessons for just 15 months experienced brain growth in areas that control hearing and fine motor skills. In 2013, the German Institute for Economic Research found music improves cognitive and non-cognitive skills more than twice as much as sports, theater or dance, and that students with music training have better grades and are more conscientious, open and ambitious than their peers. Language skills, like verbal memory, literacy and verbal intelligence have also been shown to strongly benefit from musical training.